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Gabled-Ell House, Jones County


Queen Anne House, 1897, Bradley

Pine Ridge School, 1889, Clinton

Though incongruous with the Old Clinton Historic District, this classic country schoolhouse is a preservation success story and somehow “fits in” to this delightful community. It was donated to the Old Clinton Historical Society by the Morton family in the 1980s and was finally moved from the nearby Pine Ridge community and restored in 2000.

Rosser-Barron House, Circa 1818, Clinton

Built by Daniel Rosser, this house was owned by Wiley Pope at the beginning of the Civil War. It is also known as the W. W. Barron House, for longtime owner William Wiley Barron.

Old Clinton Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

Lockett-Hamilton House, 1830, Clinton

This house was built by James Lockett. After the Civil War, it was home to James H. Blount, a lawyer who served in the United States House of Representatives from 1872-1892.

Old Clinton Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

Parrish-Billue House, 1810, Clinton

This home was built for one of Jones County’s earliest settlers, Captain John Parrish, who also served as an early county commissioner. During the the March to the Sea, the residence was briefly occupied by Union General Kirkpatrick as a temporary headquarters. The smaller structure attached to the right side of the house was built in 1821 and in 1830 served as the law office of Alfred Iverson, Sr., and Samuel Lowther. Iverson went on to serve in the Georgia legislature, the House of Representatives, and the United States Senate. His son, Alfred Iverson, Jr., served as a Brigadier General in the Confederate Army.

Old Clinton Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

Clower-Gaultney House, 1816-1819, Clinton

This imposing house was built by early Clinton merchant Peter Clower. It originally featured round columns but they, along with many interior features, were removed by a later owner to another house.

Old Clinton Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

Barron-Blair House, 1820, Clinton

This magnificent house was completed circa 1820 and various histories suggest construction began as early as 1810. It features first- and second-floor colonnades not only on the front of the house but on the rear ell, as well.

It was built for an early Jones County commissioner, Captain John Mitchell, and expanded in the 1820s by attorney James Smith. Smith was a charter trustee of the Clinton Academy. Dr. Horatio Bowen, a prominent physician, planter, and one of the largest wine producers in the state, purchased the home in 1845. Judge Barron was a later owner.

Old Clinton Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

General Store, 1900s, Clinton

This typical general store dates to the early 1900s and served the Clinton community for many years. It was part of the Reuben Stewart home place where one of the town’s early taverns originally stood. When the building fell into disrepair, it was restored by Civil War reenactors and rechristened Miss Annie’s Store on the occasion of her 80th birthday. Miss Annie was actually Mrs. Earl Hamilton and was a leader in the movement to preserve and restore Old Clinton’s historic treasures.

McCarthy-Pope House, 1809-1810, Clinton

This is the oldest surviving house in Clinton. It is believed to have been built by one of Jones County’s earliest settlers, Roger McCarthy. Following the Civil War, twin sisters “Miss Zet” and “Miss Pope” owned the house, which also served as the Clinton Post Office until 1915. After being used as a tenant house in subsequent years, it fell into a state of near ruin and was described as “tumbled down” by the mid-1950s. It was restored by the Old Clinton Historical Society in the late 1970s-eary 1980s.

Old Clinton Historic District, National Register of Historic Places