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Abandoned Baptist Church, Gough

This is one of two abandoned churches in Gough.


Gough, Georgia

Gough Lodge No. 419, Prince Hall Masons

For those not familiar, Gough is pronounced GOFF. The white building in the foreground is the Gough Lodge of the Prince Hall Masons, an African-American fraternal association. Agricultural warehouses can be seen in the distance.

Gough was named for J. P. Gough and the first post office opened in 1905.

Commercial Block, Gough

Bob & Bob’s Grocery is a step back in time, with its old Coca-Cola sign and gas pumps right at the front door. There’s also a restaurant next door, though I’m not sure if it’s open. Locals usually gather on the benches out front and shoot the breeze. Dr. Joe Kitchens, a Gough native, writes: The building was owned by my grandfather, Cyrus White Kitchens who had it constructed to house his bank (the Bank of Gough). The grocery store has obviously been here for a long time, judging by the age of the sign.


Gabled-Ell House, Gough

The owner of this property related that the house was built in the 1800s and is still in use today.

Pyramidal Cottage, Gough

Folk Victorian House, Gough

Abandoned Church, Gough

This old vernacular church. likely from the turn of the last century, is located on private property but can be seen from the road.

Carter Funeral Home, Gough

The owner of the adjacent properties told me this was a funeral home for as long has he could remember.  Mary Stokes Johnson writes: It was a funeral home owned by Mr. Marion Carter. Major L. Simpson adds: …It was owned by Mr. Marion Carter, who was also part owner of Brown & Carter’s Funeral Home in Waynesboro, GA. I believe he passed away in the early 2000’s.

Update: As of 2019, this structure has been razed.