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Folk Victorian House, Circa 1900, Madison

Madison Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


Restoration of the Alapaha Depot

Alapaha’s iconic Brunswick and Western Railroad Depot, built in 1890, has been an important community landmark since its construction, but like many small down depots, had fallen into disuse in recent years. Concerned citizens, led by Mayor Ben Davis, accomplished the beautiful restoration you see in these photographs in an amazingly short time. From 2021 until the dedication of the new facility in December 2022, volunteers and skilled carpenters alike came together to spruce up this symbol of early Alapaha.

Congratulations to Mayor Davis and the people of Alapaha for a job well done, and a lesson to all that historic buildings are worth saving and can be saved when a community comes together.

Folk Victorian House, Wrens

I made this photograph on my first photo trip to Wrens with my friend Cindy Griffin, in 2009. I haven’t been able to identify the house but hope to soon.

Folk Victorian Cottage, Wilkinson County

Even though the chimney has been reduced, this house is an important example of a Folk Victorian, inspired by the Queen Anne style.

Gothic Revival Farmhouse, Wilkinson County

This vernacular Gothic Revival [or Carpenter Gothic] farmhouse is amazingly original and includes a rear ell. It is of a style often referenced as Folk Victorian, but the Gothic Revival dormer is the dominant feature. An historic log barn is also present. An historic survey dates it to 1915, but I believe it to actually date to the late 19th century

Folk Victorian Farmhouse, Bryan County

I made this photograph in 2016 and never published it because I was hoping to get a better view at some point. I can’t recall where in Bryan County it was located, but I believe it was somewhere between Black Creek and Ellabell. This may not be the case, and if anyone recognizes it, please get in touch.

Folk Victorian House, Quitman

Quitman Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

Will Hammock House, Circa 1874, Clay County

Set among vast open fields, this house is a landmark of of Clay County. Also known as the Hammock-Gay House, it once had a store next door.

Folk Victorian House, Damascus

I first photographed this house in 2008, and again in 2012. I’m not sure if it’s still standing.

Folk Victorian House, Eastman

This house has a lot of potential, but it’s been boarded up for quite a while.