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Folk Victorian House, Eastman

This house has a lot of potential, but it’s been boarded up for quite a while.

Folk Victorian House, Empire

This photograph dates to 2009 and I’m not sure if the house survives. I never published it, hoping to return later for a better view, but I never made it. It’s a simple hip-roof house with Queen Anne porch posts.

Empire was a sawmill town, which was established circa 1887 and incorporated in 1911. The name was meant to attract newcomers, but never had the desired effect. The Empire post office operated from 1887-1965. It’s a few miles south of Cochran, and part of the community lies in Bleckley County.

Folk Victorian House, Thrift

This house is essentially a Georgian cottage with Victorian decorative elements.

Stonewall J. Williams Plantation, 1880s, Screven County

This massive Folk Victorian house sits at the end of a row of majestic cedars, which appear to be well over a century old.

Cedar lanes were once a popular landscaping choice but most of the old ones are long gone, lost to disease or storms over the years. These have somehow miraculously survived.

The house appears to date to the late 19th century.

An historic commissary stands at the front of the property, confirming that this was once a very busy plantation. It is still part of a large working farm. I walked up the lane to try to find someone to tell me about the place, to no avail. I imagine they were out in the fields busy with the cotton harvest.

This is one of the most pristine historic plantation properties I’ve ever seen and the owners have done a wonderful service in their efforts to preserve it. Thanks to Dale Reddick, and other members of the Screven County history group on Facebook, for the identification.

Folk Victorian House, Eatonton

Eatonton Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

Folk Victorian Farmhouse, Circa 1890, Columbia County

The house has different architectural elements, including Neoclassical and Folk Victorian. It’s located just south of Harlem. It’s a beautiful structure in an ideal setting.

Folk Victorian Cottage, Bowersville

This extraordinary vernacular Queen Anne/Folk Victorian cottage is a great example of local craftsmanship being applied to a simple central hallway form. That it has survived so largely intact is a testament to the work, in my opinion. [The photograph dates to 2015 but the house was still standing when I went through Bowersville a couple of years ago].

Bowersville Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

Sumner J. Smith House, 1890, Jefferson

This house is a great example of the broad architectural style known as “Folk Victorian”. It’s essentially a vernacular house in the gabled-ell or winged-gable footprint, but the Queen Anne porch posts make it Victorian. The eclectic styles of the late 19th and early 20th centuries draw upon many precedents but are a definite shift away from the high style of earlier Victorians.

Jefferson Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

Folk Victorian House, 1885, Forsyth

Peavy-Robertson House, 1887, Byron

Byron Historic District, National Register of Historic Places