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Inaha Baptist Church, Turner County

Inaha Baptist Church Turner County GA Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 20143

This congregation was established in 1890. Inaha, like so many other places in Georgia, was once a busy crossroads with its own store and farmers coming in regularly to “trade” and swap tales. Today, it exists in name only, with the church being the last tangible link to its past. For a nice memory of the place, please read John Wayne McRae’s essay, linked above. He shares some great anecdotes about visits to his uncle and aunt Jim and Margaret Phelps Hale, who operated B. E. Smith’s store in Inaha. And for you non-locals, it’s pronounced eye-na-haw.

A couple of years ago, Vanessa Baker Waid wrote: The old country store that was referred to as being owned by the Hales was actually started by my great grandfather B.E. Smith. My grandfather Charles H. Smith was the last owner of the store and he passed away from cancer in 1968. The store was closed permanently in ’70 or ’71. The Hales did work there at one time (as did other folks) but never owned it.