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Single-Pen House, Avera

I don’t know if this was a residence, original to the location, or if it’s just a cabin, but it’s an interesting utilitarian form and warrants further documentation.


Avera, Georgia

Broad Street was the center of Avera’s historic commercial district. Though the population hasn’t changed much over the past century [223 in the 2020 census], stores and other businesses have mostly vanished from the community.

Commercial Block, Avera

Marshall B. Hadden writes: The left-most storefront was a general store, Hadden’s Grocery, owned and run by my grandfather, Marshall Hadden, until his death in 1966. It has been mostly unused since then.

Abandoned Bank, Avera

Sheryl McDonald writes: I grew up in this town. This was a bank (before my lifetime). My dad remembers when there were more than 10 stores in the town. In my childhood there were at least five stores and two filling stations, a cotton gin, and a school.

General Store & Barber Shop, Avera

Sam Avera writes: …the small building shown on the right side of the store was once a barber shop. I spent a good bit of time at my grandparents home in Gibson (Glascock County) and my grandfather took me there for my haircuts…haircuts were .25 cents and mine was special because it was called a “feather cut”, whatever that was. I am 73 years old now and I think I must have been around 6 or 7 years old when the barber shop was open, maybe a bit younger.

Dr. Alexander Avera Memorial, Avera

In Memory of Dr. Alexander Avera (3 October 1830 – 11 January 1907) Beloved physician and founder of Avera. In 1885 he donated the land for the town which was named in his honor. Born in Jefferson County, Ga, graduated Oglethorpe Medical College, Savannah, Ga. He, as a Lieutenant, formed a company and served with honor in the War Between the States. He gave liberally of his time, skill and means in the service of others and it was said of him “He loved his fellow man”.