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Denton Farm, Bickley


David Musgrove writes: I believe this is the house my father lived in as a child. It was known by the family as the Denton farmhouse because it was owned by the Denton’s. The area is overgrown now. My father, his brothers and his sister took some pictures of this house only last week. My grandfather was Willis Edgar Musgrove. There is a well he put in behind the house with his name in the cement.



Vernacular Farmhouse, Bickley


Bickley United Methodist Church, 1890s, Ware County


The South Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church notes: This church was organized on March 25, 1888, under the oak trees at the home of William Manning Denton, with Rev. J. G. Ahern as pastor.  The earliest members brought their own cowhide-bottom chairs to meet under the oak trees.  The original building was made from wood sawed from logs at Denton Sawmill and the same building is still in use, having been remodeled in 1935, 1954 and 1976…

No specific date for the construction is noted, but it would be safe to assume that it was built within a few years of the organization, sometime in the early 1890s.