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Sweet Georgia Fuyu, Glennville

In October I visited Sweet Georgia Fuyu in Glennville. This may be Georgia’s largest commercial persimmon operation and if not, it certainly looked like it. All that bright orange is an amazing sight.

The weekend before I had been at the Forsyth Farmer’s Market in Savannah and bought some persimmon-ginger jam from owner Laura Potts-Wirht, who invited me to come and photograph the orchards.

I had met Laura a few years earlier at a locavore potluck at Janisse Ray and Raven Waters’s Red Earth Farm and she was very enthusiastic about the persimmons.

Presently, there are 20 acres of persimmons with ten more acres being developed. Fuyu Persimmons are a bit firmer and definitely sweeter than the old varities we’re used to in Georgia.

While I’m not personally a fan of the raw fruit, I always loved my grandmother’s persimmon cakes and breads made from the fruit of an old tree at the farm.

I enjoyed talking to the two men who were on-site, grading and preparing the persimmons for shipment. They noted that the harvest was nearly over but that they had been busy throughout the season.

If you’re ever near Glennville, check out the orchards in the early fall. I believe they ship, too.


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Hall-and-Parlor Farmhouse & Log Barn, Laurens County

This property has recently been cleared, exposing this hall-and-parlor farmhouse and log stock barn. Both structures are very endangered. The barn is a rare example.

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Tenant Farmhouses, Snow Spring

Two tenant houses from an historic farm remain on this property, though both are nearly gone. There were likely more such houses here at one time. They are great examples of a once common but increasingly rare vernacular form.

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Precinct House, Berrien County

Bill Outlaw writes that this was a polling place.


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Floyd Farm Tobacco Barns, Pembroke

Just outside Pembroke, this row of tobacco barns is reminiscent of a scene that was once common throughout Georgia. Productive farmers often situated their tobacco barns in close proximity on dirt lanes like this one. While many wouldn’t expect to find tobacco cultivation near the coast, northern Bryan County, where Pembroke is located, is more similar to inland Georgia than Coastal Georgia.

Jan Deal Henrix notes that the barns were originally owned by Albert Floyd and are now owned by his nephew.

The barns are in amazing condition, considering they likely date from the 1940s or 1950s.

Thanks to Linda Shaver Starling for bringing these to my attention.

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Lanier-Franklin-Deal House, Bulloch County

This Plantation Plain farmhouse, with Folk Victorian details, is part of Jeff Deal Farms. It was built by Lem Lanier. It was later owned by Joe Franklin and Emory Deal and family. Thanks to Kenneth Dixon for the history.


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Tobacco Barn, Coffee County

This was originally part of the Shrouder farm.


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Watermelon Bus, Lumber City

July is peak watermelon season in South Georgia and where watermelons are grown on a large scale, old school buses with their sides cut out are put into commission to transport this important crop.


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Field Road, Turner County


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Farmland, Clay County

Some of the most beautiful farmland in Georgia can be found in the fertile fields of Clay County.


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