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Double-Pen Tenant House, Hilltop

Most double-pen houses are of the saddlebag variety, with a central chimney, but this example has one chimney, on the side. It’s a rare form today.

Saddlebag Farmhouse, Dodge County

The saddlebag is a double-pen form which is almost always associated with tenant and sharecropping operations. It uses one chimney to heat both sides of the house.

Each room is a mirror image of the other. This example, like many, features a shed room across the rear of the structure.

Single-Pen Tenant Farmhouse, Dodge County

Houses of this type are generally identified as tenant properties, though many likely began as starter homes for small farmers. As the farms evolved, they may have been repurposed as housing for sharecroppers or other tenants. This isn’t to say that scores of these weren’t built specifically for tenant use, but it’s important to point out that not all were originally built for that purpose. It’s impossible to pinpoint without knowing the specific history of a property, but something to consider when recording such places.

Double Shotgun House, Dodge County

This expanded gable front form is often referred to as a “double shotgun”. It’s an increasingly rare form today.

Tenant Farmhouse, Dodge County

Tenant Farmhouse, Jenkins County

This is a great example of this utilitarian form. It likely dates to the early 20th century.

Saddlebag House, Jefferson County

Tenant Farmhouse, Bleckley County

McElheney Tenant House, Jasper County

This saddlebag tenant house is similar in style to the typically taller New England saltbox house. This is due to the shed room at the back of the house. Thanks to Carlton Henderson for the identification.

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Tenant House, Atkinson County

This house likely has connections to the turpentine industry.