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Gabled-Ell Tenant Farmhouse, Morgan County

The gabled-ell or winged gable form is one of the most common of the vernacular house types of the late 19th and early 20th centuries in rural Georgia. Most of these originated as small central hallway or hall-and-parlor houses and were expanded as a family’s needs required more space.

This photo was made in 2015 and I believe it was on Nolan Store Road. I’m not sure if it was near the Nolan Plantation, though.


Tenant Farmhouse, Bleckley County

I never get tired of finding houses like this because, more than any white-columned mansion, they represent the history that was reality for most Georgians a century ago .

Shotgun House, Calhoun County

Hall and Parlor Tenant Farmhouse, Clay County

Though it’s hard to see through the bamboo, this small house is a nice example of the hall and parlor form in the tenant context. When I stopped to make the photograph, its current residents, a wake of buzzards, was perched all along the rooftop. They flew away as soon as I opened the car door.

Hip Roof Tenant Farmhouse, Early County

This is one of my favorite styles of tenant housing, and it’s quite rare these days. These small hip roof cottages just have more aesthetic appeal than the average tenant house and should be considered a critically endangered resource.

Tenant Farmhouse, Barney

This tenant house, located beside the Burton Brooks Orchard, was likely once part of the I. C. Williams farm.

Tenant House, Treutlen County

This house has three front doors, suggesting it was likely a tenant property.

Saddlebag Tenant House, Treutlen County

This was may have been part of the Soperton Naval Stores operations.

Hall-and-Parlor Farmhouse, Ben Hill County

I photographed this house, which was located near the Fitzgerald Airport, in 2010. It had collapsed by 2017 [or earlier]. The hall-and-parlor form is often associated with tenant housing in South Georgia, though many tenants ended up owning the houses and using them as residences after the sharecropping era.

Saddlebag Tenant Farmhouse, Washington County

This is a nice example of the saddlebag form, with a slightly taller chimney than most I’ve documented. It also features board-and-batten siding, another common feature of many utilitarian dwellings.