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Sarah Wilson Tyre Chapel, Mount Vernon

This quaint little chapel is located on the campus of Brewton-Parker College.


Littleberry C. Thompson House, Mount Vernon

This extraordinary log dwelling was the home of pioneer settler Littleberry “Berry” Columbus Thompson. It was moved here from rural Montgomery County.

There was some confusion as to which Berry Thompson, but Bill Outlaw clarifies: The home of Berry C. Thompson (1822-1901) and his first spouse, Mary Mosey (1821-1863), my ancestors. This would date the house to the late antebellum era and make it one of the oldest surviving in Montgomery County, albeit restored at a new location.

Montgomery County Historic Village, Brewton-Parker College

Conner Stable, Circa 1900, Mount Vernon

This hay and stock barn was built by Franklin Conner and was moved to this site and restored.

Montgomery County Historic Village, Brewton-Parker College

Cooper-Conner House, Circa 1798, Mount Vernon

Brewton-Parker College maintains a nice collection of historic structures* illustrative of pioneer life in rural Georgia from the late 18th century to the late 19th century. These are publicly accessible and there is no cost to visit. The most important of these is the Cooper-Conner House, built with slave labor for Revolutionary War veteran Richard Cooper (1758-1836) in the Dead River community [about nine miles from its present location]. Thomas Benton Conner bought the house from George Cooper in 1838. It was moved to this site in an effort to preserve it. [Some sources date this to 1779].

*-Most online references locate this on David-Eliza Fountain Circle, which is the front campus, but the Historic Village is actually located on Lakeshore Drive.

Montgomery County Historic Village, Brewton-Parker College

Folk Victorian Cottage, Mount Vernon


I believe this house has been torn down since I photographed it.

Railroad Avenue, Mount Vernon

This section of South Railroad Street is adjacent to the courthouse and is the historic center of Mount Vernon. The building with the marble facade was a bank and I believe the taller building to the right was a theatre, perhaps part of the small TOS chain.

Mount Vernon Library

Located on the courthouse square, this gabled-ell building served as the town library for many years. Thanks to Andrew Carey for the identification. I’m unsure of its present use.

Historic Storefront, Mount Vernon

Talmadge House, Mount Vernon

Though it has been associated with other families over the years, Michael Moxley shares this history about a well-known early resident: This house was at one time the residence of future governor Eugene Talmadge and his wife Ms Mitt. She was from Ailey and they moved into this house after getting married in 1909. From here, they moved to McRae.

Update: Jill Jordan writes via social media that this house was razed during the last week of June 2019.

Walter Morrison’s General Store, Mount Vernon

These two buildings on Church Street are my favorite in Mount Vernon. The red brick storefront on the left was Walter Morrison’s General Store. Neal Stanford writes: This was my grandfathers’ store, which he operated for 70 years. It closed in 1988. What great memories I have of it being open on Saturday mornings. Lisa Graham notes that the false-front building on the right was where Mr. Morrison stored his feed and seed.

It has been home to Dominique’s beauty salon for quite a few years.