Littleberry C. Thompson House, Mount Vernon

This extraordinary log dwelling was the home of pioneer settler Littleberry “Berry” Columbus Thompson. It was moved here from rural Montgomery County.

There was some confusion as to which Berry Thompson, but Bill Outlaw clarifies: The home of Berry C. Thompson (1822-1901) and his first spouse, Mary Mosey (1821-1863), my ancestors. This would date the house to the late antebellum era and make it one of the oldest surviving in Montgomery County, albeit restored at a new location.

Montgomery County Historic Village, Brewton-Parker College

5 thoughts on “Littleberry C. Thompson House, Mount Vernon

  1. Olivia Williamson Braddy

    You need to change your description. This was the home of Littleberry Columbus Thompson (1822-1901).

  2. Olivia Williamson Braddy

    I concur with the above comments on the origin of this house. I believe your caption to be wrong about who built it–it’s definitely too primitive to have been built in the late 19th century. Besides, Berry Jr. and Mary made their home in the southern portion of (now) Toombs County, which was Tattnall at the time, and they’re buried at South Thompson Baptist Church.

    1. joy2ga56

      This was my Great Great Great Grandfather’s house donated to Brewton Parker College. His records are still at the Montgomery Co. Courthouse. His single mother entered his name in the land lottery and he won. There was a court battle that went on for custody of “Littleberry” and I believe it had something to do with control over his land. He later got into real estate. He married Mary Ann Moseley and had many Children there in North Thompson and donated land for North Thompson Baptist Church. His Eldest daughter, Martha married John Franklin Elmer Wing of South Thompson. Land was donated for the South Thompson Methodist Church. Their daughter, Mary Effie Wing married William Everette Moseley of Uvalda and their son Bennie Everette Moseley was my Mother’s father. My Mother’s name was Elgamarie Moseley Kinney of Alston Georgia and my name is Joyce Kinney of Toombs County, Georgia.


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