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Bethel Baptist Church, 1903, Rocky Mount

This church is quite proud of its long history and the following information comes from their website Bethel Baptist Church of Rocky Mt. was established in 1829. In 1933 the first electric lighting was installed in the sanctuary. Over the years there have been many upgrades made to the church sanctuary, but the original church design has been preserved. The bell tower houses the church bell. No one knows the origin of the bell, but records indicate that it was used as early as 1904. The baptismal pool located below the church is filled with natural spring waters for baptisms. There is no indication in records as to how old the pool is, but it was used in 1900 by Rev. W.P. Head to perform a baptism.

The conical steeple (bell tower) is of a design I’ve only seen on one other church in Georgia, Guyton United Methodist. Though the Guyton steeple is much taller, I believe they may have been made by the same craftsman, or they may have been manufactured.


Rocky Mount, Georgia

Rocky Mount can’t be found on every map, but the community lives on in several historic churches and this old store.