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Double-Pen Cottage, Tarrytown

This small house is a nice example of the utilitarian double-pen form. Pen is another word for room. The added space at the back is a common amendment to the form.


Board-and-Batten House, Tarrytown

Single-Pen Tenant House, Tarrytown

Single-Pen House, Tarrytown

This is situated behind a large old house. I’m not sure if it was originally a kitchen or servant/tenant house.

Queen Anne Cottage, Tarrytown

Macon, Dublin & Savannah Railroad Depot, Circa 1902, Tarrytown

The date I have given for the depot is an assumption based on the fact that the Macon, Dublin & Savannah didn’t complete their Vidalia segment until 1901-02. The diminutive size of this structure would suggest it was more likely used for freight than passengers. Mr. & Mrs. Arthur White were responsible for restoring the depot, in 2011.

Coca-Cola “Sprite Boy” Sign, Tarrytown

This ghost sign is a landmark on Highway 15 and certainly provides one of the most interesting decorations on any post office in Georgia. The building once served as Phillips Brothers Grocery. The design of the boy holding the bottle is known as the “Sprite Boy” to Coca-Cola collectors. Thanks to Jakie Phillips, who worked with his father in the store in the 1950s, for the information. The sign was removed by 2014.

Tarrytown, Georgia

A few historic storefronts are all that remain of the business district of Tarrytown. The area was first settled by James Irving Calhoun in the 1810s. The post office opened here in 1902 and the town was incorporated in 1912. Today, it has fewer than 100 citizens.