Tarrytown, Georgia

A few historic storefronts are all that remain of the business district of Tarrytown. The area was first settled by James Irving Calhoun in the 1810s. The post office opened here in 1902 and the town was incorporated in 1912. Today, it has fewer than 100 citizens.

11 thoughts on “Tarrytown, Georgia

  1. Hessie Levern Harris

    My family is from Tarrytown GA. Many came North is Forties but some stayed. I am trying to obtain information about my grandmother Mattie Lou Walker Roberson. She was an acclaimed midwife and citizen activist.
    She was black. Came you help with my search>

  2. Amy Jackson

    My grandmother was born in Tarrytown, GA in 1933. Her father’s last name was Davis. Her mother’s last name is Haggard. By 1395 the Davis’s moved to Florida. If anyone has any information please contact me.

  3. L.Oneal

    wow! what memories this brings back the first is my grandmother Carrie Davis’s
    flour bread.The second is running the dirt roads picking blackberries as I went boy them was the good old days.

  4. Deborah L Coleman

    My daddy, Curtis Coleman, lived here when as a young boy, born in 1912. later his family moved to Soperton. His dad was Nicholas Coleman and lived in Tarrytown, then later Soperton, where he died in 1955. If anyone reading this post recognizes the Coleman name, please notify me. I’m searching for any info on my family’s history. debcoleman54@yahoo.com.

  5. Troy

    My family is from this town.I live there as a small child.I ran up and down those same sidewalk as a child.There is a bank and jail less than a 100 yards from that store.They still use part of building as a post office.Please revisit this city.It is almost unchanged.

  6. Sylvia

    I am Jakie ‘s sister. I spent a lot of time skating up and down the long sidewalk in Tarrytown. When trains came thru town, the conductor would throw out candy bars.

  7. Jakie Phillips

    My dad owned the grocery store where this sign was located in Tarrytown. The name of his store (Phillips Bros Groc.) used to be at the top of the sign. I helped my Dad at this store in the early 1950’s. Jakie Phillips

  8. Roy

    My family is from Tarrytown Ga.Tarrytown was a thriving town at one time.The census report confirms.It had a bank,jail and general store.Less than 75 feet left of this picture is old jail and bank that is in great condition considering the age.Trust me there is alot of unchanged history in this town.I love this site and thank you so much for the memories.i really wish you revisit this town.Its alot more to it than coca-cola sign.


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