Memory Schoolhouse, Montgomery County

Olivia Williamson Braddy suggests this may have been the old Memory schoolhouse. I haven’t been able to locate a reference to that in the early-20th-century state educational surveys, but since many rural neighborhoods had their own schools, I can’t rule it out.

6 thoughts on “Memory Schoolhouse, Montgomery County


    I believe this was where my mother went to school. Her name was Sibyl M. Memory. Technically she was Minnie S. Memory, but later changed it to Sibyl M. I was there as a very young child (I’m 63 now). It was a one room school house. Love going down Memory lane…

  2. Jesse M. Bookhardt

    These old houses are impressive and I love to see them but a word of caution is due. Be careful ! Where people lived in the past almost always there was a water well, sometimes more than one. Many have been filled but some remain and as accidental discovery can be a disaster. While hunting quail, years ago I almost fell in one that was out in the middle of a cutover pine woods.

    1. Olivia Williamson Braddy

      That is true, Jesse, and if the person is exploring alone, by the time they’re found, it might be too late.

      Also, rattlesnakes love to hang around and under old structures like this. I came face-to-face with one at the old McQueen place near Higgston–nearly stepped on it. That’s a very frightening experience!

      Also, I’m bad about trying to go inside these old buildings. If too much movement caused it to fall, you’re in danger of a heavy beam falling on you.

      But I don’t think any of these dangers will stop us from exploring. Thank you, Brian, for continuing to record these old sites.


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