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First Presbyterian Church, 1874, Blackshear

The First Presbyterian Church was organized in Blackshear in 1872 and and this historic chapel was built two years later, in 1874. Though the congregation has grown over its nearly 150-year history, making expansions as needed, the main historic structure has remained. It was completely restored in 2018. It is similar in style to the nearby First Presbyterian Church in Brunswick.


Fleming House, Blackshear

This historic Victorian house is now an event venue, known as Oak Lane.

Shingle Style House, Blackshear

This is a well-preserved example of this eclectic Victorian form, which is unusual for a small town.

Colonial Revival House, Blackshear

This is another fine example of the Colonial Revival style in Blackshear.

Colonial Revival House, Blackshear

I immediately though of Mt. Vernon when I saw this house. It’s an amazing example of the Colonial Revival style.

English Vernacular Revival Cottage, Blackshear

Folk Victorian House, Blackshear

Rosenwald School & Marian Anderson Library, 1926, Blackshear

The Blackshear Rosenwald School was built between 1925-1926 to provide a good education for African-American children.

When the school moved into a more modern facility [red building visible at left], the building became the Marian Anderson Library and served the community for many years. It is presently in stable condition, but restoration as a community center or museum would be the best way to insure its future.

The class of 1948 placed two brick gateposts in front of the school. This one contains a marble plaque identifying the graduates: J. B. Twyne; H. J. Lofton; C. S. Britton; T. F. Gibson; A. Fulmore; L. M. Harris; D. A. Deal; and L. Sellers. V. R. McClain was the advisor and S. D. Tarver was the principal.

Wood House, Circa 1865, Blackshear

Hip-Roof House, Blackshear