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Shotgun Store, Circa 1900, Graysville

This is a great example of a “shotgun” store, the most common vernacular store form of 19th and early-20th-century Georgia. It was also a common form for small town offices and warehouses, but a resource survey identifies this as a general store, circa 1900. It’s been well-maintained.


Graysville Mercantile, 1930s, Graysville

This general store, in one incarnation or another, was the gathering place for Graysville throughout much of the 20th century.

Blackford-Gray House, 1883, Graysville

This Queen Anne home was built by Dr. William T. Blackford (1825-1904) in 1883. For many years, Dr. Blackford maintained his medical practice here, as well. A native Virginian, Dr. Blackford served as a delegate to the Alabama Constitutional Convention of 1867, then practiced medicine in Chattanooga before settling in Graysville. Charles A. Gray (1860-1960), a member of the founding family of Graysville, purchased the house from Dr. Blackford’s daughters in 1916. It remained in the Gray family until 1942. It has had numerous owners in the years since.

National Register of Historic Places