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Neoclassical Revival House, 1913, Villa Rica


Eclectic Victorian House, 1905, Villa Rica

This house is a good example of the transition from Victorian to more eclectic styles in the early 20th century

Eclectic Victorian Cottage, Villa Rica

Though the front of this cottage has a Neoclassical/Greek Revival appearance, the overall design is Victorian. I was unable to get perspective views due to vegetation.

Neoclassical Revival House, Villa Rica

Central Hallway Cottages, Villa Rica

These “twin” cottages are among the oldest residential structures near the commercial center of Villa Rica and judging by the nearly identical entryways, are likely the work of the same builder. I presume them to be antebellum, but they could possibly date to the early 1870s. I will update when I know more.

Wick’s Tavern, Circa 1830, Villa Rica

Built within a few years of the establishment of Villa Rica, Wick’s Tavern is the oldest commercial structure in Carroll County and among the oldest in Northwest Georgia. The structure has had roof damage and needs stabilization.