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Turner Killingsworth House, Zetto


Precinct House, Zetto

I’m guessing as to the identity of this structure. Precinct houses are often referred to as “courthouses” in some parts of South Georgia.

Sam Engram House, Circa 1913, Zetto

Brothers Dan and Ed Giles, whose family has farmed the surrounding countryside for over fifty years, have transformed this historic home into the Pine Ridge Plantation lodge. They have modernized the space while maintaining its historic integrity and the plantation has quickly become one of the premier hunting destinations in Southwest Georgia. Though sometimes spelled ‘Ingram’, old timers from the area have written that it was originally spelled ‘Engram’.

Sam Engram’s Store, Zetto

This amazing survivor likely won’t be around much longer.

Unidentified Building, 1910s, Zetto

I first photographed this structure in 2008 and made these images in 2010. I initially believed it to be a house, but now think it may have served a more public purpose.

Update: As of 2015, this structure is no longer standing.