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Victorian House, Woodbury


Warehouse, Woodbury

Eclectic Queen Anne House, Woodbury

This house appears to have originated as a Queen Anne but later modifications have been made which alter that appearance.

Queen Anne House, Woodbury

woodbury ga queen anne house photograph copyright brian brown vanishing north georgia usa 2016

This is now owned by Woodbury United Methodist Church. Though it features Queen Anne elements today, it was likely built as a Plantation Plain (I-House).

General Store, Woodbury

My assumption that this was general merchandise or grocery store is due to the ghost mural on the back of the building. It likely served other purposes over the years, judging by the modern windows at the front.

The mural dates to the time when Cokes were still just a nickel.

woodbury ga coca cola ghost mural 5 cent photograph copyright brian brown vanishing north georgia usa 2016

Williams & Williamson, 1911, Woodbury

This was once among the busiest stores in Woodbury. Tihe original tile work is still intact at the entrance.

Historic Storefront, Woodbury

Woodbury United Methodist Church, 1888, Meriwether County

This is truly one of the best preserved and most beautiful old churches I’ve yet found. The Woodbury congregation was formed by members of the old Concord Methodist Church, originally located about a mile-and-a-half from the present location.