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Lester Community House, Mitchell County


This also serves as the Lester precinct house.


Johnson-Hays Farmhouse, Lester


Bill Blackburn writes: I worked for Mr. Paul Hays unstringing tobacco in that old house in about 1968. Got paid 2 or 3 cents per stick. My first job! I remember a man named Ross Johnson (he worked for the Albany Herald) coming by the store in Lester and commenting that his family lived there in the 1940’s.


T. J. Tucker: That house so many memories in it. I remember stacking hay in that house as a boy and teenager. Mr Paul Hays (BaBa) was my great grandpa. He passed away in 1994 before the flood that consumed Albany, Ga. BaBa was a share cropper and many families have lived in that house and the house my mother lives in next to it. The home next to it looked exactly like that before my family took time and a little TLC and made the house a home… My mother and stepfather still live in our family home. My grandpa Mack Hays lives just across the cow pastures from the hay house as my entire family calls it. There is so many memories on the family farm that i could go on for days!