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Cannon House, Cook County

This is located near the historic Staunton community. Thanks to Ken Rountree for the identification.


Staunton Post Office, Circa 1890, Cook County

Today, Staunton is virtually indistinguishable from Lenox. It is located on the edge of the Lenox city limits and I understand that it was a historic railroad stop. The post office operated from 1890-1923, which probably mirrors the existence of the village as a separate entity. Two other important historic structures survive here: the Sim Harrell House and the T. P. Daughtrey House. Signage on U. S. Highway 41 distinguishes the neighborhood from Lenox proper.

Cannon House, Circa 1890, Staunton

lenox ga godwin house photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2010

This neighborhood of Lenox was originally known as Staunton. According to Linda W. Meadows, believes it was built by local timber baron Sim Harrell (1851-1929) in the early 1890s. Remembered Places Leftover Pieces of the Coastal Plain Area, an architectural resource published in 1976, identifies it as the Cannon House. It’s possible that Mr. Harrell was simply the builder. The front gable originally contained an arched window, that was removed during a remodel at some point.

However, Holt Daughtrey writes: Speaking as a great-great grandson of T.P. Daughtrey both Cannon house as well as many of the houses including the post office were payed for by either the Cannon family which Tom married into or the Daughtrey clan. Money made through turpentine as well as running a local saw mill.

T. P. Daughtrey House, Staunton

adel ga t p daughtrey house photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2010

Thanks to Judy Lawrence for the identification.