Cannon House, Circa 1890, Staunton

lenox ga godwin house photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2010

This neighborhood of Lenox was originally known as Staunton. According to Linda W. Meadows, it was built by local timber baron Sim Harrell (1851-1929) in the early 1890s. Remembered Places Leftover Pieces of the Coastal Plain Area, an architectural resource published in 1976, identifies it as the Cannon House. It’s possible that Mr. Harrell was simply the builder. The front gable originally contained an arched window, that was removed during a remodel at some point.

9 thoughts on “Cannon House, Circa 1890, Staunton

  1. Stephen Curry

    Patrica Godwin owns harrell house now. I’ve had the privilege of doing some work on this in 2018. She can tell you all the history of the house . Believe it had been uninhabited for 20 plus yrs when she and her husband bought it.

    1. Betty Ann NeSmith

      I would love to know more of the history of this home. Many years ago, my mother took me by there as well as the cemetery. We are descendants of Sim Harrell.

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  3. Linda W. Mesdows

    Built by Staunton lumber baton, Sim Harrell, in the early 1890s. Mr. Harrell and his wife are buried in Staunton Cemetery, located west of this house.

  4. J.W.

    Supposedly that house was built by Captain Henry Harding Tift, the founder of Tifton, GA, as a…..getaway house where he could unwind and relax from the hustle and stress of Tifton and his many business enterprises there. It is currently owned by Mrs. P. Godwin, a retired Cook high school biology teacher.

  5. Ryan

    These two homes are what’s known as “Staunton” (spelling). It actually used to be small community way back when. Used to have a post office and everything. Up until about twenty or so years ago, (after Lenox was chartered) they used to elect a “mayor” of Staunton. I remember going into these houses when I was younger and the old fellow that lived in the white one had a few Confederate Officer outfits locked up in a suitcase that he let me and my friends play with. I’m not sure if he knew how much they were worth or not lol.

  6. Tom Robinson

    This home – and one before it – probably have quite a bit of history to share, and are kept, too. Quite a look into different – and older – home styles of yesterday. Always enjoy your posts, Brian.


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