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Winged-Gable House, Siloam


Commercial Block, Siloam

Jeanne Bryan Insalaco writes: I was just there in October and the store, Johnson’s Pharmacy, next to the one on the corner is now boarded up; in April the roof was gone but you could still look inside. The corner store was originally The Bank Of Siloam, the vault is still inside. My cousins, Lawson and Ulma O’Neil McKinley owned it as a grocery/general store last. My grandparents lived in this town of Siloam, so I grew up around there and visit yearly – I also love to take photographs of areas before they are lost.

Dolvin’s General Store, Siloam

Lanelle LaRue writes: When I was going to school, this was known as the Dolvin’s general store and where the farmers would sit around a pot belly stove and shoot the breeze and where the high school students would wait for the bus to come by and take us to Greensboro High school. The old post office was a little further down the street towards White Plains. My Aunt owned the post office at that time. Later this building became the post office.

Historic Storefront, Siloam

This structure utilizes the same porthole vent found on the general store across the street. It was likely designed by the same builder.

Conley’s Service Station, Siloam

Thanks to Travis Conley & Carroll Underwood for the identification.

Siloam Presbyterian Church, 1903

John Dolvin first organized Hastings Church in 1894, then dissolved it at the end of the century to form the Siloam Presbyterian Church. It’s known as Dolvin Memorial Chapel in his memory. In 1929 it was saved from fire by a Mrs. Rhodes, who lost her life as a result of burns she sustained during the conflagration.

Siloam Cemetery, Established 1878

Located adjacent to Siloam Presbyterian and across the street from Siloam Baptist, this cemetery was established on land owned by Siloam (then Smyrna) Baptist for use by the community. Granite fence posts around some of the plots are a neat feature throughout the cemetery.

Siloam Baptist Church, 1896, Greene County

Constituted in 1828, Siloam Baptist Church was organized as Smyrna Baptist. Smyrna was the original name of the church and village but when the post office department began eliminating duplicate geographical names in the late 19th century, it was changed to Siloam. Like other Greene County congregations, this church had African-American members until after the Civil War. This is the fourth house of worship built by the congregation.

Pyramidal Cottage, Siloam