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Eclectic House, Buchanan


Tudor Revival House, Buchanan

Sanford-Wade House, 1909, Buchanan

Known today as the Sanford-Wade Heritage House, this is now a museum. It was the residence of local legend Evelyn (Shepard) Sanford Wade, who was a pioneer woman in the field of radio operation, and one of the first women mayors in Georgia. After the death of her first husband, Dr. Sanford, she married Levi Wade and also had a 40-year career in education, serving as a teacher and principal.

Little Creek Schoolhouse, Circa 1870, Buchanan

Relocated from the Little Creek community where it had stood unused since 1932, this was donated to the Haralson County Historical Society in 2006. It is the last remaining of 23 such facilities that once served over a thousand students in the county from Reconstruction until World War II.

Chevrolet Impala Sport Coupe, Buchanan

I can’t resist photographing classic cars.


Historic Storefronts, Buchanan

The commercial district of Buchanan is situated around the courthouse square and features a variety of buildings which served numerous purposes. Most have been restored or updated and seem to be in use, quite an accomplishment in such a small town.

The structure pictured in the first two images was likely a general store/mercantile, as the ghost mural for Snowdrift Shortening would attest. It has been largely obscured by the more recent Coca-Cola mural advertising Merle’s Bar-B-Q and Diane’s Ice Cream Parlor.

A variety of businesses occupy these spaces today.

Los Cowboys Mexican Restaurant is among the most colorful and has added some great color to the area. The traditional tortilla maker (below) is one of my favorites.

I really enjoyed walking around this town.

Haralson County Courthouse, 1892, Buchanan

Designed by the Atlanta architectural firm of Bruce & Morgan, Haralson County’s historic Queen Anne courthouse is a sight to behold and a wonderful anchor for this small downtown. Though a more modern courthouse was built in 1972, this structure still serves the public as a library.

I’d like to thank Donnie Boswell for his hospitality during my brief visit and for sharing some of the history of Buchanan. He serves as the Main Street Affiliate Representative for Buchanan and is very enthusiastic about his community. He also let me know that the town name is pronounced buck-hanon not bew-canon.

National Register of Historic Places