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Southern Ladies, Warrenton

These nice ladies, who were attending a fundraiser for the Knox Theatre renovation, reminded me of my grandmothers and so many Southern ladies I knew growing up, who had their hair done at the beauty shop every week and were always stylish and well-coiffed when seen in public. There aren’t many like them anymore.


Coca-Cola Mural, Warrenton

I’m not sure how old this mural is, or if it’s just a replacement of an earlier version, but it’s typical of similar “ghost” murals found all over Georgia. They appear from time to time, sometimes after being hidden for decades.

Vernacular Farmhouse, Cadley

Like the house in the previous post, this originated as a central hallway form and was later expanded. Barry Hyman noted in an earlier post that this was his grandfather’s house, but I haven’t been able to get more information.

Central Hallway Farmhouse, Cadley

This early central hallway form was later expanded to a gabled-ell. I’m not sure if it’s still standing.

Saddlebag Building, Warren County

I photographed this great building a few years ago and it’s still a mystery. It sits back in a field near Warrenton, and its layout is somewhat large for a standard saddlebag house. It’s possible that it was a residence, but also possible that it was something entirely different. Hopefully someone will know.

Craftsman Bungalow, Warrenton

The awning gives this house a vernacular look, but I think it’s a pattern-book Craftsman, built by a local contractor in the early 20th century.

First Baptist Church, Warrenton

First Baptist Church was organized circa 1829-1830 and has served the spiritual needs of the community for nearly 200 years.

Warren County Courthouse, 1910, Warrenton

Upon the creation of Warren County in 1793, court was first held at the home of James McCormick. In 1796, the location was moved to the plantation of Sterling Gardner, which was designated the official county seat. It is said that a courthouse was built on the Warrenton square in 1809, but little to no evidence has been found to corroborate this fact. In 1820-1821, the first documented courthouse was built and it served Warren County until it was destroyed by fire in 1909. The present courthouse replaced it upon completion in 1910. It was the work of Walter Chamberlain, an architect in Birmingham, Alabama, responsible for at least two other Georgia courthouses.

National Register of Historic Places

Johnson House, Norwood

The only information I’ve been able to locate about this house lists it as the Johnson House and dates it to 1900. I think the Johnson family were longtime owners, but I believe the house to have been built much earlier than 1900.

New Providence Baptist Church, Norwood

I haven’t located a history for this congregation. The earliest burials I found in the adjacent cemetery date to the 1870s.