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Millhaven Plantation, Screven County

Millhaven dates to 1769. According to an historical marker placed in 1953: The earliest trade center and industrial development in interior Georgia was established here before the Revolutionary War by Francis Paris, Senior. A rick dam was constructed across the creek, of which it is said that the 400 horse power developed for the feed and saw mills was by far the greatest in the colony. The rock foundations of the old dam are still embedded in the creek about 300 yards above the present bridge. Paris sold the land, mills, and appurtenances to Seaborn Jones, of Augusta, on February 8th, 1796.

It’s grown over the past two centuries into a mixed-purpose property that still includes active farming operations, timber holdings and hunting reservations.

This is part of the modern farming operation. I’m not sure what the round building was/is used for.

Today, it’s owned by William S. Morris III of the Morris Communications Company, who has received awards for its conservation and management.

That’s no small accomplishment considering it’s the largest farm operating as a single unit east of the Mississippi.

A few old houses remain around the property.

They were likely employee-related structures from the early to mid-20th century.

They are very diverse in their architectural styles.