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Central Hallway House, Funston


Funston United Methodist Church, 1950

In 1900, a small group of Methodists began meeting at Union schoolhouse in Funston. A church was erected in 1905 and served until the construction of the present structure in 1950.

Joe Manning General Merchandise, Funston

It’s always nice to see places like this preserved.

Historic Storefront, Funston

This is currently home to the Country Corner, a Southern meat-and-three establishment. My mother and I ate here for lunch and it was great, and maybe more importantly, the sweet tea was perfect (I like it sweet but not syrupy and theirs fit the bill). And they have really good coconut creme pie. Though it was obvious we were not locals, the employees were very welcoming. Since I do my best to patronize small local restaurants when I’m on the road, it’s nice to be made to feel at home in a new place.

I’m unsure as to the building’s original use, but it was likely a general or hardware store.