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Colonial Revival House, Greensboro

This is a perfect example of the Colonial Revival style which was wildly popular in the first couple of decades of the 20th century.


Georgian Cottage, White Plains

These photographs, like the ones in the previous post, date to 2010. I always thought it to be of antebellum construction but have not located anything about its history. I hope it’s still standing. I only identify it as a Georgian Cottage because of its current layout. It’s possible it originated with another form.

Historic Storefront, White Plains

I made this photograph in 2010 in the middle of “downtown” White Plains. The historic storefront has been gone since at least 2019 but the Baptist church still stands as a symbol of the community.

Early Hill, Circa 1825, Greene County

Early Hill is a magnificent example of a transitional Georgian-style/Greek Revival house of the early 19th century, commanding views of some of the most beautiful pastureland in Georgia. The house has undergone major remodels throughout its history, beginning as early as the 1840s, but these do not detract from its historical importance. The plantation community surrounding the house was once known as Dover.

The builder, with the labor of enslaved men, was Joel Early, Jr. (1793-1851), a brother of Peter Early, who served as Georgia governor from 1813-1815. Joel Early, Jr., was not a typical man of his time nor his class, as he freed 30 of his slaves in 1830 and through the American Colonization Society sent them to Liberia. He actually corresponded with one of them. He still held slaves after this gesture, but that he did it all makes him an exceptional figure in upper class antebellum Georgia.

National Register of Historic Places

Coleman House, Circa 1876, White Plains

This eye-catching Victorian “farmhouse” is one of my favorites in an area full of beautiful homes and farms. Anna O’Neal, to whom I’m grateful for this identification (and many others over the years), notes that that the owners are stewards not just of this house but of historic White Plains as a whole.

Pierce Chapel A.M.E. Church, White Plains

This historic congregation is located in White Plains.

W. T. Bickers Store, Greene County

This is a wonderful example of the most common rural store type of early 20th century Georgia.

General Store, 1899, Veazey

I’d like to know the story of the delivery van that’s attached to the store.

Folk Victorian Farmhouse, Circa 1904, Veazey

New Bethel Church at Leslie Mill, 1894, Veazey

A newer church at this site is now in use, but the congregation has maintained this historic structure. I’m still searching for a history of New Bethel and will update when I learn more. An historic schoolhouse, associated with the church, is located on the property.