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Shiloh School, Wheeler County

This historic rural schoolhouse is located across the highway from Shiloh United Methodist Church. I’m unsure as to its name but am identifying it by the community in which its located. I’ll update if I learn more.


Winged Shotgun House, Glenwood

This is an interesting vernacular form, which would normally be labeled a gabled-ell; in this example the main section, on the left, is a shotgun house, with another shotgun extension to the right.

Gable Front Farmhouse, Wheeler County

I made this photo on Highway 126 in 2016. I believe this may have been a tenant or turpentine-related house.

Log Barn, Alamo

This is located near a house that was relocated to the property, on the edge of town, so I’m not sure if it’s original to the location, but it appears to be. It’s a great old barn, either way.

Oconee River, Wheeler-Treutlen County Line

This was made when the Oconee was well beyond its banks.

Gable Front House, Glenwood

The house needs to be moved and the owner is trying to avoid razing it.

Glenwood High School, 1920, 1933 & 1950, Wheeler County

The original building is a one-story Spanish Mission Revival structure [not pictured due to inability to access] built in 1920; the two-story annex (above) was added, in sections between 1930-1933 and 1948-1950. Gary McDaniel writes: The front 1/3 of the two story annex was added sometimes after WW II, about 1948-50. My Dad, Willard McDaniel, was a carpenter on the add-on. In recent years, it has served as the campus for the Transitional Alternative Prep School.

In addition to an annex behind the original schoolhouse, the campus of the old Glenwood High School has a slightly more modern auditorium built in 1951.

National Register of Historic Places

Alamo Baptist Church, Wheeler County

This historic African-American church was organized in 1892. It was re-established in 1954 by Reverend A. Goram. Deacons at the time of re-establishment were L. J. Robinson, H. Geter, Sr., C. H. Gillis, Jr., S. E. Chapman, J. A. Williams, and W. B. Bennett. Trustees were Rufus Mincey, Jessie Dixon, Charlie Little, and Jim Nesbit.

Winged Gable Farmhouse, Wheeler County

Hall-and-Parlor House, Wheeler County