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Pike County Consolidated School Gymnasium, Hilltop

Pike County Consolidated High School, in the Hilltop community of Concord, was the school for all Black students in the county from the 1950s until its closure in 1969. The Pike County superintendent decided not to renew contracts for any teachers or administrators of Pike Consolidated, including the principal, D. F. Glover. In protest, the students led a demonstration. They marched from Hilltop to Pike County High School in Zebulon, followed by state troopers, helicopters, and the Atlanta news media. As punishment, the students were denied their graduation ceremony and were refused diplomas. Though Mr. Glover was given a job in the newly desegregated Pike County High School, the episode was not forgotten by the students. In 2018, they received their diplomas, and an apology by way of resolution, from the Board of Education.

Glenwood High School, 1920, 1933 & 1951, Wheeler County

In addition to an annex behind the original schoolhouse, the campus of the old Glenwood High School has a slightly more modern auditorium (above) built in 1951.

The original building is a one-story Spanish Mission Revival structure (not pictured due to inability to access) built in 1920; the two-story annex (above) was added between 1930-1933. In recent years, it has served as the campus for the Transitional Alternative Prep School.

National Register of Historic Places


Sautee-Nacoochee School Gymnasium, 1930s

This recently restored gymnasium was built in the late 1930s for use by the school and the community.

Sautee Valley Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

North Cook Elementary School Gymnasium, Lenox

Darrell Bennett writes: The gym wasn’t green at the time the school was in use. After the consolidation, the gym was used by the community. It was at this time it was painted.

Morgan Indoor Tennis Center, 1930, Jekyll Island

By the early 1900s, tennis had eclipsed hunting as the primary leisure pursuit among members of the Jekyll Island Club. In 1930 this shingle-sided facility was completed and named in honor of Club president J. P. Morgan, Jr. A renovation was completed in 1986 but a public-private partnership between the Jekyll Island Authority and the Jekyll Island Club Hotel led to its full restoration as a conference center in the mid-2010s.

Jekyll Island Historic District, National Register of Historic Places + National Historic Landmark

Gresham Gymnasium, Norman Park

Hopeful Gymnasium

Hopeful GA Old School House Auditorium Mitchell County Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2014

Thanks to William Harrell for the identification. He notes that the old school has long been torn down.

Glynn Academy, 1840, Brunswick

Chartered by an act of the General Assembly on February 1, 1788,Glynn Academy is the second-oldest public high school in the South and one of the oldest in the United States. The building pictured above (public domain image, via Wikipedia) and below dates to 1840. It is thought to be the oldest standing wooden public school structure in Georgia. Also, it is the only extant antebellum structure in Glynn County. In its early history it served as a temporary courthouse for Glynn County, as well. It was moved to Sterling in 1915, where it was used as a school for African-Americans until desegregation and was returned to this location in 2008 and is now used as an interpretive museum.

Early view of Glynn Academy. Public domain image.

Several historic structures make up the campus of Glynn Academy, which is one of two high schools in Glynn County.

The Annex Building dates to 1889, and was designed by Alfred Eichberg. A lightning strike did severe damage to the structure in 2005. It has been completely remodeled and remains a vital part of the campus.

The Prep Junior High School Building is perhaps the most recognizable structure on the campus. Built in 1909 to house sixth, seventh, and eighth grades, it was later annexed by Glynn Academy.

Savannah architect Henrik Wallin (1873-1936) designed the eponymous Glynn Academy Building, which was erected as a memorial to Glynn  County’s World War I veterans. It was completed in 1923 and today is the school’s main administrative building.

The A. V. Wood Gymnasium was built in 1928 to advance physical education at Glynn Academy. Though supplanted by a more modern gym, it is still in use today.

National Register of Historic Places

Shannon Building, 1920, & WPA Gymnasium, 1935, Jeffersonville


Better known as the home of J. E. Beck & Son Hardware (established 1945), the building was built by a Mr. Shannon in 1920. In the distance is the old WPA-built city gymnasium. According to Billy Humphries, it will soon be restored and used as a a theater/opry house.  Jean Clements also notes that for a time after the Jeffersonville school building burned in the late 1940s, it was used as the temporary grammar school.

Old Collins Gymnasium


This was built for the school next door; it’s been restored and is now used as a community center and available for rentals. Many of these old gyms have fallen into ruin so it’s nice to see this one in good condition.