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Post Office, Denton

denton ga u s post office photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2010

Patricia Smith Wright Hand writes: The Denton Post Office was owned by Dewey and Helen Wilcox Johnson. Mrs. Johnson was the postmistress at the Denton Post Office for 47 years before her retirement. Jesse Bookhardt added: Denton is a nice little place today. Though charming, It is not much more than a crossroad with a convenience store, a used car lot, post office, and some private housing. It once was a thriving place with a couple of doctors, a drug store, several merchandising businesses, and a grain mill. My Mother’s folks, the Joe and Sarah M. Walker family, took their corn there to be ground into grits and meal. They also shipped fresh milk and cream on the old G&F Railroad. The depot was located next to the U. S. Post Office. The Georgia and Florida Railroad ran from Augusta through Hazlehurst, Denton, Douglas to Madison, Florida.