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Garage Barn, Orianna

This historic barn is located next to the community hall in Orianna.

Service Station, Lyons

I photographed this circa 1930s-1940s service station, which is located near the post office in Lyons, in 2011. I believe the property has been cleaned up a bit since then and the station has been renovated, or at least repainted.

Garage, Chester

I presume this was a garage or utility barn of some kind.

Standard Oil Station, Circa 1950, McDonough

This was originally the Anderson Oil Company service station. It was also a Standard Oil station. It has been restored and now serves as the McDonough Welcome Center.

McDonough Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

The Famous Get-A-Way, Zebulon

Mississippi soaks up all the attention for juke joints, and rightfully so, but they were once common in Georgia, as well. When I was growing up, there were still a few around and I remember that the word juke fascinated me. Some contend the origin of the term is the African word juga, meaning bad or wicked. Others suggest it comes from juice, which referred to early electric guitars and those who played them.

The Famous Get-A-Way in Zebulon is one of the best examples of an authentic old-fashioned juke joint that I’ve come across. It also served as a pool hall and sold gas and perhaps sundries from time to time. I got the impression it meant a lot to this community and luckily, the owners have preserved it as a landmark. My guess is that it dates from the late 1930s to about 1950.

It obviously grew in popularity over the years, as evidenced by the addition of this green cinderblock wing.

It’s one of just a few surviving such places to be found in Georgia to my knowledge.

A blacked-out Coca-Cola sign identifies the place as the “Famous Get-a-way”.

The gas pumps were probably a later innovation of the business but indicate that it was a successful enterprise.

And if there were any question about the reputation of the place, this sign on the porch suggests that the owners didn’t suffer foolishness.

Juke joints were places of revelry and community but they were also usually operated in a very business-like manner.

Saxon, Georgia

Saxon is a crossroads settlement located just south of the Broad River. This old store/filling station is about all that remains. I believe it dates to circa 1930.

Grocery & Gas Station, Sumter County

This is also in the Friendship community, located across the highway from the store in the previous post.

General Store, Garden Valley

This small store probably sold groceries and gas.

Service Station, Midville

Filling Station, Chester