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R. B. Tucker’s Bear Safety Service, Ocilla

R. B. Tucker, Sr., graduated second in his class at the Bear Automotive School in Rock Island, Illinois, and owned and operated this franchise in Ocilla for many years. Bear was one of the first national automotive repair chains, and is still in existence, I believe.

Riding through Ocilla as a kid, those two yellow signs with the happy bears really got my attention.


Filling Station, Wadley

Stations of this type were the standard for national retailers of gasoline in the years before World War II and were easily recognizable by travelers. I presume this one in Wadley, which I photographed a few years ago, is still standing.

Shuman’s Lumber Supply, Bryan County

This store has a Pembroke address but is really out in the country and closer to the Lanier community. This photo dates to circa 2012 and the front has recently been sided with a stucco-like material. It doesn’t look the same.

Marcia O. McCoy writes: Shuman’s Lumber Supply (Shuman-Owens Supply Company) was sold to J. Harry Owens in 1989. The business was relocated to 769 East Bacon Street in Pembroke, Ga. and is still owned and operated by Harry’s daughter (Marcia Owens McCoy) and her daughters (Tiffany Zeigler , Hannah Deloach). This business will be celebrating their 60 year anniversary on April 1, 2023!! Jack Shuman did own the gas station across the street from the building supply.

Lewis Store, Old Damascus

This is the last of the archival images I’m sharing for now. I was unsure if this was in Damascus, or its neighbor Old Damascus*, so I never got around to publishing it. It’s an edit of a shot I made in 2008. With its extended front gable, it’s a great example of the “gas and grocery” architecture of the 1920s and 1930s.

Terri writes: Was raised in Old Damascus or as we called it Old Town. I can remember buying sodas and candy from Mr Lloyd at his store. He and his wife were very kind peopleHis house was across from the store. [I locate an Emory Lloyd Lewis, Sr. (1883-1976) at nearby Keaton Cemetery. He is likely the gentleman to whom Terri refers. His son, Emory Lloyd Lewis, Jr. (1926-1998), may have operated the store, as well.]

*- Old Damascus is on the map, but that presence is more a nod to history these days; it’s not incorporated and likely never was. My guess is that it’s the first area of settlement of what eventually became Damascus.

Lucile, Georgia

Lucile is a tiny village located along the Miller/Early County line. It only had a post office for four years, from 1899-1903, and was a typical crossroads community, centered on agriculture. Originally known as Racketville, it was changed to Lucile in honor of postmaster Charles S. Middleton’s daughter. This historic store and filling station likely dates to the 1920s or 1930s, with some modifications over time.

George Wilkerson writes…I grew up in Lucille community and still live here today…Back in the mid 1950s [this was] a country grocery store ran by Mr. Bruce Bachelor and later by the Johnson family. Miss Lucille Johnson had a bait shop in the back of it for a few years.

Service Station, Colquitt

This historic service station was home to Mae’s Fast Food when I photographed it.

Colquitt Town Square Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

Harris Brothers Garage, Barney

Harris Brothers Garage is one of the few remaining commercial structures in Barney. Their sign notes that they did electric and acetylene welding.

Garage Barn, Orianna

This historic barn is located next to the community hall in Orianna.

Service Station, Lyons

I photographed this circa 1930s-1940s service station, which is located near the post office in Lyons, in 2011. I believe the property has been cleaned up a bit since then and the station has been renovated, or at least repainted.

Garage, Chester

I presume this was a garage or utility barn of some kind.