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Ward’s Pharmacy, Elberton

This local landmark dates to at least the 1940s, and perhaps earlier. And, they still have a soda fountain and hand-dipped ice cream. The Art Deco storefront, once commonly seen on pharmacies and jewelry stores, is largely intact.

Elberton Commercial Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


Old Jasper Post Office, 1916

Though it is best remembered today as the Moore Furniture Company, this was originally a commercial duplex housing a pharmacy on the left side and the old Jasper Post Office on the right.

Commercial Block, Colbert

This early 20th century commercial block was most notably home to a pharmacy, whose ghost sign remains.

Colbert Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

World’s First Coca-Cola Mural , 1894, Cartersville

In the early 20th century, Coca-Cola wall paintings, or murals, were ubiquitous in small towns all over America. But through research and authentication by the Coca-Cola Company, it has been determined that the very first such advertisement was created here in Cartersville, on the side of Young Brothers Pharmacy, in 1894. It was painted by syrup salesman James Couden.The Coca-Cola Company regularly refreshed the sign with new paint until the late 1970s, and in the 1980s, Dean Cox, who had purchased the pharmacy from one of the Young brothers’ daughters in 1970, became curious about the historical sign. In 1989, he hired Alison Free and Aggie Ferguson to restore it to its original condition. 25 layers of paint were removed to reveal the mural visible today. Coca-Cola fans and collectors from all over the world have been making pilgrimages to Cartersville to see it ever since.

Cartersville Downtown Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

Sullivan Drugs, Carnesville

Sullivan Drugs has been in business since 1957.

Weatherly Building, 1947, Royston

This modern storefront is presently home to the Royston Drug Store, which has been in business since 1913. I’m unsure when they moved into this building. It was built by or for C. N. Weatherly, as identified on the column.

Royston Commercial Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

Wray’s Drug Store, 1964, Royston

This pharmacy was built in memory of George W. Wray. W. B. Steedman, Jr., was the architect.

Royston Commercial Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

Historic Storefronts, Jackson

Jackson, located midway between Atlanta and Macon, was founded in 1826 and named for James Jackson. While serving in the U. S. Senate, Jackson resigned his seat to return to Georgia where he ran for and was elected to the legislature for the sole purpose of exposing the Yazoo Land Fraud. This was one of the most admirable anti-corruption efforts in the early history of the nation.

Like many other Georgia towns, Jackson features a courthouse square surrounding by commercial storefronts.

This looks like an old bank; it’s now home to the Butts County Water & Sewer Authority.

Another old drug store on the square, and this one is still open.

Horton’s Drug Store, Athens

Horton’s, across from the Georgia Theatre, has been a downtown Athens institution since W. P. “Doc” Horton, Sr., purchased it from the Reid brothers in 1947, but there has been a corner drugstore at this location since the early 1910s. And in case you were wondering, the neon sign still works.

Downtown Athens Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

Forest Avenue Storefronts, Hartwell

In contrast to many small towns throughout Georgia, Hartwell has an active and busy downtown, with nearly all the buildings around the courthouse still occupied.

Hartwell Commercial Historic District, National Register of Historic Places