Winged-Gable House, Siloam

2 thoughts on “Winged-Gable House, Siloam

  1. Larry Bacon

    Hi, I am Larry Bacon, grandson of Ulmer and Lawson McKinley. I was born in 1941, and I recall your grandmother and grandfather very fondly. As children my sisters and I stayed with our grandparents while our mother took summer school classes at UGA. Your grandparents would come to the store often, and I recall Edgar as being quite a character as he would play around with us. I also remember your mom and dad who were very much fun to be around. I enjoyed seeing your Siloam photos…a couple of items…Conley’s service station was originally across the highway and the one shown was previously owned by Joe McKinley, a relative. I am familiar with a little of the history during the late ‘40s and ‘50s if there is anything with which I could help. Thanks

  2. Kay McClendon

    Back in the late 1970’s, our school bus would stop here to pick up the children who lived there at the time. Take away the vines—the house hasn’t changed much. I remember the little stream of smoke coming from the chimney and the children smelled of it. The yard used to be decently kept dirt.


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