T. P. Daughtrey House, Staunton

adel ga t p daughtrey house photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2010

Thanks to Judy Lawrence for the identification.

9 thoughts on “T. P. Daughtrey House, Staunton

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  2. Pam Kierce

    These are amazing photos! So glad you are recording history. I can’t believe some of these places are “just abandoned”. My husband and I enjoy photography and going to historical places, state parks, etc. I had no idea there were so many abandoned places in South Georgia.

      1. Dan McBrayer

        Fortunately this house is still there. It’s on Hwy 41 just north of Lenox. Perhaps you are speaking of the Robinson home that stood at the stop light, Joey.

      2. J.W.

        Joey you got the wrong house. The one you are talking about was the J. D. Robinson house, founder of the Bank of Lenox now known as the Trust Bank across the street at the red light.

        The last occupant was my great Aunt Alice Austin, his daughter. She died around 1986 and left her estate to the hospital in Tifton and her lawyer. The lawyer ended up with the house and tried to sell it for about 20 years. By that time it was in extremely poor condition and the only thing holding it together were the termites holding hands. It was sad to see it torn down though.

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