Coca-Cola “Sprite Boy” Sign, Tarrytown

This ghost sign is a landmark on Highway 15 and certainly provides one of the most interesting decorations on any post office in Georgia. The building once served as Phillips Brothers Grocery. The design of the boy holding the bottle is known as the “Sprite Boy” to Coca-Cola collectors. Thanks to Jakie Phillips, who worked with his father in the store in the 1950s, for the information. The sign was removed by 2014.

5 thoughts on “Coca-Cola “Sprite Boy” Sign, Tarrytown

  1. Jakie Phillips

    My Dad owned the grocery store in the building where this sign is located in Tarrytown. The name of the store {Phillips Bros. Gro.] used to be located at the top of the sign. I helped my Dad in the store in the early 1950’s. Jakie Phillips

  2. Marian Lee Davis

    I truly enjoy your photos and many of them bring back lots of childhood memories of summers spent in Rebecca with my grandparents. Thank you for documenting a place and time my children only see sporadically or in family photos.


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