Main Street Storefronts, Montrose

Dr. Thomas Green writes: The row of storefronts…did house a small general store during my childhood, run by a Mr. Y. H. Thompson, complete with wood-burning stove. The two-story building was the Masonic Hall, also now defunct. The small block structure was/is the voting building. Only time it was opened all year, as far as I recall. Mr. Payne had a auto repair shop in one of the other buildings (previously a store, I think).


7 thoughts on “Main Street Storefronts, Montrose

  1. Claude Powell

    On the opposite side was Hiway 80. Pal Bryant had a service station and restaurant next to Montrose Baptist Church, on the other side of the church on 80 was W.F. Cooks store. Past Cooks store was the Post office and past the Post office was Algerine Ward’s Texaco Sttion.Great memories growing up in Montrose!!

    1. Leland McGough

      Isn’t Monterose on the highway between Macon & Dublin. I think I have been by there several times

    2. Fletcher Reliford jr

      I was born in montrose Georgia three miles from town in one of the farming areas. went to town every Saturday just to buy those penny wheel cookies and cheese from cooks or Thompson store. there was a gin mill I believe on cooks store side of the tracks my grandfather take cotton to be bailed for sale from the farm also corn to be grind into corn meal

  2. wendell theus

    I love these photo’s of early Ga. Shows the value a railroad passing thru really was at that time frame, a lot like our Interstate System is today. Things sure do change and quickly some time. Thanks Brian

  3. Victor McGough

    I rode with my uncle from Macon down to Dublin once. We went through all those small towns along the way. Dry Branch, Montrose, Dudley and I believe one called Jeffersonville. Saw the kaolin mines along the way and everything was covered in white.

      1. Victor McGough

        Thanks to your photos I think all the little towns in South GA are neat. My favorite along the way was Dry Branch, due the name and it was the smallest I think. I always look forward to your photos. I was real sorry when my aunt and uncle moved from Unadilla in Dooly County to Macon.

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