The Varsity, 1963, Athens

Founded in Atlanta by the Gordy family in 1928, the first Athens Varsity opened in 1932, across from the arch. It remained open until at least the late 1970s. This location opened in 1963. Recent rumors suggest the property is to be replaced by a grocery store, but I cannot confirm.

It was confirmed on 13 May 2021 that the Varsity will be demolished for a new development on the property.

8 thoughts on “The Varsity, 1963, Athens

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  2. Carol

    At least from 64-68, women students were only allowed inside the “downtown” Varsity, and only in the drive in portion of the other one.

  3. Jay Holland

    I believe your date may be off for the closing of the Varsity across from the arch. My older sister attended UGA during the mid-70s and The Varsity downtown was still open during most, if not all, of her 4 years at UGA. However, when I began my freshman year in 1980, it had closed and the former location became an arcade.


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