Parker-Landrum House, 1894, Millen

This is the Parker-Landrum home built in 1893-94 by Hardy Ward Parker [m. Sarah Cornelia Edenfield] as he desired his family closer to the schools so his oldest daughter could be educated but not ride in by horse or buggy from the home where they resided (still standing near the Jenkins/Screven Co line, but no longer in the family). Though the house may currently have a somewhat Italianate presence, it was indeed not designed that way originally. It was built by John Miles Edenfield and originally was a Victorian home in mirror vision to the home at the corner of College Avenue and Masonic Street in Millen which he also designed. The house has had multiple changes and additions through the years. Rebie Parker Larsen Landrum was one of the daughters of Hardy W. and S. Cornelia Parker. She and her husband, Crawford Burgess Landrum cared for the Parkers and inherited the home. Their son, John William (Bill) Landrum, II and his wife Jackie Burton Landrum cared for the C.B. Landrums and inherited the home. It is now currently owned by Bill and Jackie’s daughters.



4 thoughts on “Parker-Landrum House, 1894, Millen

  1. Billie Pierce Rooks

    The beautiful Italianate house was the home of Crawford Burgess and Rebie Parker Landrum and John William (Bill) and Jackie Landrum II.
    Mr. Burgess Landrum was the Jenkins County school superintendent for many years.

  2. nelltiller2014

    Thank you for all your pictures. I grew up in Lauren’s county 18 miles from Dublin. I have been to many of the places you capture. I enjoy all your work! Nell Graham Tiller

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