Jenkins County Courthouse, 1910, Millen

Augusta architect Lewis F. Goodrich designed this Neoclassical Revival courthouse, which was completed in 1911. He also designed the Taliaferro County Courthouse and Athens City Hall.

The courthouse is crowned with a statue of Blind Justice, ironic because of the treatment of African-Americans, Jews, and other marginalized groups, at the time the courthouse was constructed, but a hopeful symbol and rare survivor today.

Recent removal of the old magnolias on the lawn, while regrettable, affords a great view of this landmark, which is one of the nicest courthouses in Georgia, in my opinion.

National Register of Historic Places

1 thought on “Jenkins County Courthouse, 1910, Millen

  1. Elizabeth Daniel

    My father grew up across the street in 1930s-50s. We used to visit when I was growing up in the 70s. My cousins and I would sneak into the courthouse and play trial in the courtroom.


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