Birdsville General Store

This privately owned general store/commissary once served the Birdsville area. Birdsville was named for postmaster Samuel Bird.

Photo Courtesy & © John Black, 2019. Shared on Vanishing South Georgia with permission.

This is an archival photo of a busy Saturday at the Birdsville Store, circa 1940. I’m grateful to John Black for sharing the image. John is the grandson of Tom Black, who operated the store at the time the photograph was made. The plantation and dependencies were owned by R. C. Jones at the time.

National Register of Historic Places



5 thoughts on “Birdsville General Store

  1. John

    My grandfather operated this store during the thirties and forties. Afterwards my great uncle ran it. My father was born in the little white house next to the store and lived there for a couple of years I believe. He has some pictures of the yard out front of the store and it is full of cars. I think the pictures are from the early forties maybe late thirties.

      1. John Black

        Better late than never I quess but five years is rather ridiculous. My father found a copy of the picture that I was referring to here. I will attach to this email.
        He thinks the picture was taken around 1940 and is facing south toward Herndon. The man is Gus. He lived across the river in Herndon between the river and Drake Chapel Rd. Picture was probably taken on a Saturday being that many cars there. The store was not open on Sunday. My grandfather was Tom Black. He ran this store from the 1930s into the 1940s. His brother Virgil ran the store after that but I do not know when or for how long. Before this Tom ran a store in Herndon on the north side of the railroad track.

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