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Burke County Courthouse, 1857, Waynesboro

Burke County’s historic antebellum courthouse is actually the fourth to serve the county. A log cabin built in 1773 first served this purpose, followed by a wooden courthouse built in 1777. After it burned in 1825, temporary facilities were used until a third courthouse was built in 1856. It burned soon thereafter and was replaced by this structure in 1857. Expansions in 1899 by architect L. F. Goodrich gave the courthouse its present appearance. To accommodate population growth, an annex (pictured below)  was completed by the Public Works Administration in 1940.

Waynesboro Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

Taliaferro County Courthouse, 1902, Crawfordville

Augusta architect Lewis F. (L. F.) Goodrich‘s High Victorian design for this courthouse was built by J. H. McKenzie. The site was the location of the first Taliaferro county courthouse, built in 1828.

National Register of Historic Places

Jenkins County Courthouse, 1910, Millen

Augusta architect Lewis F. Goodrich designed this Neoclassical Revival courthouse, which was completed in 1911. He also designed the Taliaferro County Courthouse and Athens City Hall.

The courthouse is crowned with a statue of Blind Justice, ironic because of the treatment of African-Americans, Jews, and other marginalized groups, at the time the courthouse was constructed, but a hopeful symbol and rare survivor today.

Recent removal of the old magnolias on the lawn, while regrettable, affords a great view of this landmark, which is one of the nicest courthouses in Georgia, in my opinion.

National Register of Historic Places