Joseph & Lucinda Applewhite House, 1893, Millen

Originally a Queen Anne, this house was given a Neoclassical appearance with columns added during a renovation in the 1980s. [As of 2015, the house has been razed].

5 thoughts on “Joseph & Lucinda Applewhite House, 1893, Millen

  1. Holly Smith

    As of August 29, 2015, this home has been completely torn down. They appear to have salvaged some of the wood and bricks.

  2. Charlie Rossman

    Brian, this house is now being salvaged for its lumber and will live in pictures and memories from this point forward.

    We continue to restore the other Applewhite house one block west and will soon occupy it full time.rossmanc

  3. Bell-Parker

    This was the first house built for Joseph Polhill Applewhite and his wife Lucinda “Lou” Parker Applewhite in Millen (the second being a block further down College Ave, later occupied by the Ginns). It was begun in late 1892 and finished early 1893. The two-story columns are a very unfortunate addition from the 1980s. This was originally an attractive, fairly simple Queen Anne house w/ probably a one-story porch, although the portion over the front door may have had a covered balcony. Note the nice chimney and gable detail survive.


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