Applewhite-Ginn House, 1906, Millen

Built by Joseph Applewhite, this was later the home of Bo Ginn, who was U. S. Representative for the 1st District of Georgia from 1972 – 1982. It’s presently owned by the Rossman family and while they’re updating some of the interior, they plan to leave the exterior appearance as is. Charlie notes, however, that the home’s present exterior differs from its original incarnation and would welcome any photos of it in that time.

9 thoughts on “Applewhite-Ginn House, 1906, Millen

  1. Kacy Ginn Jones

    It is a fabulous house! Many great memories of my childhood spent here! Mr. Rossman, I have some photographs of the house without the addition on the street side. The wrap around porch was removed by my grandparents (Harold and Ethel Averitt) as it was deteriorating – probably in the late 40’s-early 50’s. So glad that you are keeping this home alive!

    1. Charlie Rossman

      Kacy, my apology for taking so long to respond. Thanks for your comments. We’re proud to own it for a while.

  2. Bell-Parker

    I’m enjoying your Jenkins County pics. This house was built by Joseph Polhill Applewhite and his wife Lucinda “Lou” Parker Applewhite in 1906 (you may see other dates elsewhere, but 1906 is correct). It originally had a longer porch–it followed the line of the flush board visible at the top window line of the first floor. This was the second house in Millen built by Applewhite, the first being the derelict home you photographed at the corner of College and Gray.

      1. Charlie Rossman

        Brian, my wife and I purchased this home in June, 2011 and are in the process of catching up on about 20 years of maintenance and repair. We’re planning to keep the current exterior appearance although we’re sure it is very different from original. This was confirmed by a fire insurance map drawn by Sanborn Map Company dated 1917. An outline of the original wrap around porch is shown. The Ginns did a lot of work and updates on the house in the 1970’s and we have found it to be in pretty good shape despite the recent lack of maintenance. We’d love to locate a picture or two of the house that shows its original architecture.

      2. Brian Brown Post author

        Thanks for this information, Charlie, and so glad to hear that you and your wife are updating the place. It’s a wonderful house! If I can find anything, I’ll share…

    1. Charlie Rossman

      Regarding the construction date: While renovating the master bath we found a date of 1904 on one of the floor joists with the initials J. P. A. (the original owner) all written in chalk. This all but confirms your 1906 date since it would have easily taken a year or more to complete construction of the house.

    2. Charlie Rossman

      The 1906 date is archived in chalk on a floor joist under what is now the master bathroom. The inscription includes the initials J.P.A. which were likely put there by the owner, Applewhite, when the first framing timbers were set.


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