Tractor Salvage Yard, Pavo

Turn off Highway 122 onto John Deere Street in Pavo and you’ll see an amazing tractor salvage yard (featuring numerous brands).

There are antique and vintage tractors and parts as far as the eye can see, all nicely lined up in rows.

It’s practically an open-air museum of the tractors that your grandfather and great-grandfather may have used on their farm.

This is the home of T & H Sales & Salvage and if you like tractors you’ll be amazed. Just enjoy them from the road; no trespassing is permitted.



9 thoughts on “Tractor Salvage Yard, Pavo

  1. Bill mencn ER

    I need a reverse shifting fork or a shifting tower for a manual transmission on a yanmar 1500 green…. My reverse fork broke off

  2. Ron Lindsey

    I’m looking for a 2 piece First and Reverse Shifter Fork for a 1953 Farmall Cub Tractor. Probably OEM, aftermarket not suitable for installation.

  3. Stan Arline

    Gary is correct about the tractors being in Thomas Co.A interesting fact there are three (3) towns in Thomas Co.that are shared with an adjoining Co’s. Barwick and Pavo are in both Thomas and Brooks while Meigs is in Thomas and Mitchell Co.

  4. msrhae42

    I was just in Pavo a few weeks ago (all the way from Texas) and sorry I missed these old tractors! Remind me so much of my granddaddy’s that I used to play on.

  5. Gary

    I never get tired of looking at these old tractors. They’ve got some interesting gas station signs also on John Deere St.
    These are actually located in Thomas County.

      1. Robbie Hopkins

        Just read your post. I work with the part owner of T and H salvage. They have a museum located on John Deere St as well. Truly an eye catching adventure even for the locals. It would surprise folks to see it. Drop in anytime and just ask. The office is across Hwy 122 within rock throwing distance of the museum.

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