Wishbone Fried Chicken, Tifton

We made a lot of trips to Tifton when I was growing up in the 1970s, visiting the pediatrician and shopping, and Wishbone Fried Chicken was a great fast food place back in those days. It was located right downtown, across from what was then the Big Star shopping center on Love Avenue. Some of you may remember that Big Star was a grocery chain. I don’t remember shopping there, but we did on occasion. I just remember they had a televised horse race once a week and you could win cash and groceries if your horse “won” the race.

The last I heard, Wishbone in Tifton was closed but the sign was still there. I wish I could find out more about it. I know there’s one in Newnan, with the same kind of sign, so it may have been a franchise.

Update: Susan Anderson writes: I can confirm that the sign is now down, it was just taken down in the last few months. The building will soon be a new restaurant.


8 thoughts on “Wishbone Fried Chicken, Tifton

  1. Charlie

    My uncles sister in law and her husband ( jb and Linda stichcomb) owned it up until its closing. Jb had passed on and his wife continued to operate it until deciding to retire herself . They definitely had the best home cooked / southern country cooking meals in the area. Everyone that worked there was like family and knew just about what you wanted when you came in the door of you we’re a regular.

  2. Cheryl Cuff

    Hello, yes Wishbone is no longer here. It is soon to be open as a Hip Hop Chicken and Fish restaurant. Wishbone was a great restaurant with some of the BEST COOKS AND LOVING PEOPLE. God bless

  3. niobrara1973

    Thor are one memories you never forget! I have places from my childhood with similar associations, such as the Royal Castle Hamburger restaurant on General Meyer Avenue in front of the strip shopping center serving our area, which contained a favorite dime store, Winn-Dixie grocery and barber shop.

  4. Keith McLendon

    My dad ran the meat department at Piggly Wiggly which was catty corner across the intersection from Big Star in the early 70s. He sold Wishbone all of their chicken. Twice a week he hauled a truck load up the street to them.

  5. Susan Anderson

    I can confirm that the sign is now down, it was just taken down in the last few months. The building will soon be a new restaurant.


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