Simmie King House, Circa 1900, Berrien County

A couple of people have reached out to me over the past few years suggesting that I photograph the home of Simmie King, in the Flat Creek community. I’m glad I finally made it. It’s a truly wonderful Folk Victorian farmhouse and appears to be in very good condition. I’m reminded again how grateful I am to property owners who recognize the importance of saving these places.

Simmie King (12 November 1880-4 August 1957) was the son of pioneer settlers John Hardy King (2 November 1839-1 February 1912) and Lucy Jane Pounds King (6 July 1844-5 November 1929) of Cecil, Georgia.

Though I don’t have a specific date for the house, it was probably built around the time Simmie and Lucy McMillan King (1 February 1883-27 October 1973) were married. I’m guessing that was between 1900-1903.


4 thoughts on “Simmie King House, Circa 1900, Berrien County

  1. Joy Griffis Byers

    Very Interested in this home. Please contact me. Joy Griffis Byers. 706-580-2378. Had my eye on it for a while!!!!!


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