Coca-Cola Bottling Company, Hinesville

The Hinesville Coca-Cola Bottling Company originated when the Darien Coca-Cola franchise moved to the city in 1919, after just four years in Darien. Some sources have dated this building to 1920, but unless it was renovated later, the architecture is a bit modern for 1920. It looks more mid-20th-century to me. Either way, it’s a great resource.

The bottling works served Liberty, Long, and McIntosh Counties and closed in 1990. It served as the operations center for Heritage Bank in recent years. I’m unsure what has come of recent plans to repurpose the building as a restaurant and water bottling facility.


1 thought on “Coca-Cola Bottling Company, Hinesville

  1. Randal Groover

    I remember as a young boy taking a tour through the plant in the mid 60’s. It was so fantastic to watch the bottles being cleaned and sanitized then going through and getting refilled and capped. I can also remember walking along the road and picking up empty bottles and returning them to get a nickel each. Just a couple of them and you could buy a ice cold coca cola any a bag of peanuts to put in your coke.


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