Captain James Bacon Fraser House, 1870, Flemington

This raised Georgian Cottage with Victorian details is the most recognizable residential landmark in Flemington, though determining a name for it is somewhat complicated. It was built by Captain James Bacon Fraser in 1870. [To avoid the confusion, I’m identifying it by the name of the builder]. People who have lived nearby have indicated that it was simply known as the Fraser House, and well into the 20th century was home to Misses Laura and Lilly Mae Fraser.

It was purchase by the Davis family in 1972, and was known as the Davis House, a tearoom and bed and breakfast. The Davises, who restored and maintained the beautiful grounds for over 50 years, sold it to the Humphries family in 2021. They are presently researching its long history and working to have it placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Be it the Fraser House, the Davis House, the Fraser-Davis House, or most recently, the Bacon-Fraser House, it is one of the highlights of a visit to Flemington.


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