Whitehall Street, Oakfield

The building on the left was a combination post office/store and in the distance is the town well, sheltered by a gazebo.


1 thought on “Whitehall Street, Oakfield

  1. Misti (Hardy) Trunnell

    I have drank plenty of cold water at this well ,,we use to play all around this big town I wish I could turn back time ,,,Christie Hawks and her family lived at the end of the road behind the well and us Hardy’s lived in several different houses in Oakfield I remember Mrs.Harris telling me that when ever our daddy would move us out of Oakfield my momma would bring us all back HOME …my momma passed away 2 years ago she always wanted to come back home but we never got her back home before GOD took her home ….there is a song The house that made me …when I hear it I think of Oakfield and all the wonderful times we as kids had running the streets safe and sound ….I still love this place


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